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Nhri Safi
Comment from : Nhri Safi

Nhri Safi
Comment from : Nhri Safi

Борис Бабкин
Олег,25 лет про употреблял тяжелый наркотик,месяц как бросил.эта музыка для меня сейчас наркотик! спасибо!
Comment from : Борис Бабкин

natanael da silva
Também só aparece melodia assim de vez em quando
Comment from : natanael da silva

natanael da silva
Adorei esta virada de som
O maís gostoso é aquele som fresquinho de fundo que parece uma neblina descendo da montanha

Comment from : natanael da silva

natanael da silva
Gostaria de receber mais som nesta pegada pra curtir
Comment from : natanael da silva

natanael da silva
TODOS nesta pegada
Comment from : natanael da silva

LarryDon Kirkeby
I know everyone should have to have toe pictures for identification
Comment from : LarryDon Kirkeby

Tigran Sargsyan
Анна Гуричева
Comment from : Tigran Sargsyan

Florian Daniel Nitu
Best tracks ever
Comment from : Florian Daniel Nitu

Isacc Amani
Comment from : Isacc Amani

Nestor Anhaya
Linda music ! E modelo da capa.
Comment from : Nestor Anhaya

Gene Brot
too fucking good ,only from heaven perfect
Comment from : Gene Brot

harry smith
just wow ;-)
Comment from : harry smith

Naigel Lee
amazing work.. Love the work you put into it as I can play this on repeat for hours... Love the fact the music titles are listed as well... would it be possible to include the model names as well ... for my research paper 😉 😂
Comment from : Naigel Lee

Pam Link
anyone knows the name of the model?
Comment from : Pam Link

Qvor Todorov
Comment from : Qvor Todorov

Em filledvoid
Who's on minute 37:00 ? Better the min than the number of tracks :D This is great!
Comment from : Em filledvoid

Georgi Koirushki
Comment from : Georgi Koirushki

Евгений Чернобель
Транс вокал это бомба, кайфую
Comment from : Евгений Чернобель

bangsad itu
Iya this is koentoll 😅
Comment from : bangsad itu

Carlos Rodriguez
Chida saludos desde Atlanta Georgia
Comment from : Carlos Rodriguez

Hans-Dieter Groß
This is amazing! You can here it when you sit outside, in the car or at the pc working! Great Job!
Comment from : Hans-Dieter Groß

тишайшийй пиздец блядь!!! ХУЕТЕНЬ
Comment from : Nik$

Carlos Costa
Very Nice🇧🇷🌷😜
Comment from : Carlos Costa

Juan Carlos Salvador Mireles Diaz
Emocional femenino inspirador espacial
Comment from : Juan Carlos Salvador Mireles Diaz

юрий прокопьев
мне нравиться когда женщина поёт а моя жена не поёт)))))))
Comment from : юрий прокопьев

Petruta Petrinha
iubesc ❤
Comment from : Petruta Petrinha

Pros & Cons T.V
Not bad 👍
Comment from : Pros & Cons T.V

Saha Furman
Анти стресс после работы!!! Спасибо, очень круто!!!!!!
Comment from : Saha Furman

Comment from : Cohobah

marius proca
Nice Pick relax
Comment from : marius proca

U make great mixes;)
Comment from : NATURALTALENT

beata marchlewicz
Comment from : beata marchlewicz

Franciele Souza
Aqui e Brasil , top de mais essas musicas👌🤙👊👍🙏👍👏👋🤝
Comment from : Franciele Souza

alex.gagarin1 Gagarin
Comment from : alex.gagarin1 Gagarin

Konstantin Zaicev
Comment from : Konstantin Zaicev

Sanjit Marak
Nice song
Comment from : Sanjit Marak

Love for ever hello from Chicago
Comment from : E1LEMENT

Russell Webster
who is she? drop dead gorges!!
Comment from : Russell Webster

Sohail Zafar
Superb collection
Comment from : Sohail Zafar

Daniel Slager
I like to look. Puss
Comment from : Daniel Slager

василий николаев
I'm not racist or Patriotic(I'm just a fan ;))
Comment from : василий николаев

василий николаев
Я не расист и не патриот(я просто фанат ;))
Comment from : василий николаев

василий николаев
the Americans fuck off!!!similarly, Europe and Ukraine!
Comment from : василий николаев

василий николаев
это вещь..и пошли все на х...обожаю всё что связано с транс и этникой!!!!!
Comment from : василий николаев

Ausaf Ahmad
Comment from : Ausaf Ahmad

Las mejores pistas un trabajo genial... Saludos de Argentina.
Comment from : Francoedgardo

acepto hermosas mujeres o chicas... muy pocas en mi ciudad Manzanillo
Comment from : OSCAR FREGOZO

Александра Шохина
Никита я тебя люблю ана для тебя ета песня я дарю тебе .люблю нежна.🍓🍓🍓🌜🌦🍌🍍🍎🍎🍎🐈🌈🍉🍉🍉
Comment from : Александра Шохина

creator Space
We made it well.

Comment from : creator Space

Gus Rodriguez
Como se llama la segunda chica
Comment from : Gus Rodriguez

Сергей Дупленко
Шикарная подборка, спасибо👍
Comment from : Сергей Дупленко

Le Zob
shit music?
Comment from : Le Zob

MCVitus reggaeadictet
female trance at its best! thanx for uploading
Comment from : MCVitus reggaeadictet

Brendan Kahn
Great Mix ^_^
Comment from : Brendan Kahn

Dan Trance
Comment from : Dan Trance

Akadet Chetvarakul
Comment from : Akadet Chetvarakul

Comment from : ORION MIX

Rayno Kriel
Love this! Fantastic!
Comment from : Rayno Kriel

Jarvis Morris
Good Vacation Music
Comment from : Jarvis Morris

Mustafa Maryaniwal
where can i get all these pics you fuck?
Comment from : Mustafa Maryaniwal

George Frank
You tube advert shit destroying all joy of listening music!
Comment from : George Frank

Rosen Ignatov
Perfect sound , clear blue sky and i am in a damn hospital for the whole summer 😠 thanks for uploading buddy ...MUSIC IS THE ANSWER :)
Comment from : Rosen Ignatov

One of the best trance mixers out there! Always love your mixes! You should have more subscribers ♡♡
Comment from : Oregoncoaststi

Simo Bennani
Amazing still
Comment from : Simo Bennani

harry potter
isn't it fare to say that this world is suffering from ethical deterioration..
Comment from : harry potter

harry potter
8:01 perfect female
Comment from : harry potter

Gaspar Santos
Lindo boas entrada das musicas espetacular .
Comment from : Gaspar Santos

Muhammad Firdaus
Disiremakewake nn
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Muhammad Firdaus
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Muhammad Firdaus
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Muhammad Firdaus
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Muhammad Firdaus
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Muhammad Firdaus
Now where's is your beside actived
Comment from : Muhammad Firdaus

Markus CZ_SK
Super supeer
Comment from : Markus CZ_SK

Ser Mel
Прелесть просто , подписался :-) , наконец-то ))
Comment from : Ser Mel

Herry Latuperissa
Fantastic track and I love this song...thks 4 u my favorite Dj...GodBleshU bro
Comment from : Herry Latuperissa

Shaman Ando
the best mix!!!
Comment from : Shaman Ando

robert reach
superb holiday mode music!; ;'peace u.k
Comment from : robert reach

Welly Soetiono
Relaxing music best of the best
Comment from : Welly Soetiono

muy buena seleccioin!!! saludos de lima peru
Comment from : izaaqbiciuz

23:56 - ugly! -1
Comment from : biolnternet

Odins War
Needs more commercials.
Comment from : Odins War

Константин Демянчик
Comment from : Константин Демянчик

Michelle Shaw
One of these days I will be singing on a beautiful trance mix. I just need an open door and a talented dj.
Comment from : Michelle Shaw

thomas wakubiya
Great mix
Comment from : thomas wakubiya

George Bin Shams
Transhumanism music
Comment from : George Bin Shams

Вячеслав Тынкалюк
Ахуительная музыка....
Comment from : Вячеслав Тынкалюк

Comment from : Tavy

Виталий Долинин
Фантастика 👍🔥🔥🔥💞💞💞💞
Comment from : Виталий Долинин

Marty Max
Awesome blend. Trance is love. Thanks man 👍
Comment from : Marty Max

Ali-A-A Games
That was so awesome Thank you so much for songs like this
Comment from : Ali-A-A Games

Sevinc Sevinc
Красиво 😊😍✌
Comment from : Sevinc Sevinc

Світлана Котович
Переслушала больше 20 раз, готова слушать и слушать, спасибо❤️
Comment from : Світлана Котович

Aleksey Stoyanov
Музыка хорошая и девушки симпатичные
Comment from : Aleksey Stoyanov

Greg Smith
Let me tell you something. The mix is great, but fuck you for all thise shitty commercials you money hungry little fuckbag!
Comment from : Greg Smith

Josué Carlos monteiro
Pra treinar não tem melhor.
Comment from : Josué Carlos monteiro

Ramil Askerov
Олег Огромное огромное вам спасибо!!вы не можете себе представить как помогает такая музыка в самую трудную минуту!! когда порой очень многое доходит до грани!! Желаю вам от всей души счастья и здоровья! С нетерпением ждем новые видео! Берегите себя!!!
Comment from : Ramil Askerov

emmanuellle pina
Muy relajante un día en la playa con tu pareja corriendo o bien para algunos es bueno en sus oficinas administrativas ,sobre todo de cuentas un amigo decía te eleva a pensar en una y otra idea por alcanzar ,Ami me calma los nervios y a mirar así delante ,yo no lo veo como las cosas del mundo cada persona es distinta y sabe cómo tomarla ,obvio entre semana o un sábado, esto no es o no funciona en domingo. Hay de toda Music para todos los momentos y gustos cada quien sabe que sentido le da en su momento.
Comment from : emmanuellle pina

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