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Comment from : fascistanarchist

Chris R
I've played probably half A million hands in my life in cash/tourney and video and never even hit A straight flush.
Comment from : Chris R

Al Beebe
never have i seen a hold one and draw a royal live. sick hit bro
Comment from : Al Beebe

Joshua Patrick
You know a city is secure in its identity when it doesn’t even have a major sports franchise.. and if they do it sucks....
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

Janis Gary
You talk too much slow down the talking
Comment from : Janis Gary

Daniel Son
Comment from : Daniel Son

Daniel Gillespie
Twenty-One years and up are permitted to play casinos.
Comment from : Daniel Gillespie

Chris Smith
totally unlikable, will never watch this drop dick again.
Comment from : Chris Smith

Daniel Laprelle
Nice hit
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Royal flush is at 5:27...
Comment from : YaNoAwantoMas

alex haines
Comment from : alex haines

Stephen Christian
1 in 178,365 to draw 4 to Royal incase anyone wanted to know.
Comment from : Stephen Christian

You didn't tip!
Comment from : BroMandudeKnar

Nice catch, that was awesome to see live. ♦️💰
Comment from : runhorse.com

5:27 jack pot
Comment from : moosekiss

Brian Cabalic
wow!! congrats man, off one held. crazy!
Comment from : Brian Cabalic

Radu Bojica
He sounds like a typical American Douchebag. I hope he reads this and reflects about himself. There isn't anything that is religious related to my statement, but that's the vibe I get.
Comment from : Radu Bojica

Ty Cobb
Love your channel I’m just keeping it real
Sorry if I offended anyone

Comment from : Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb
Tip the dude that pays you
Why do you think h breaks the $100 bill down to twenties
I live in LasVegas and that is the normal thing to do........if you go to a local bar that has gaming ,if you don’t tip 10% they will call you out

Comment from : Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb
Tip the guy that pays you
Comment from : Ty Cobb

And it was diamonds!
Clubs or diamonds
I prefer spades. Trump suite . Shout out to Trump . Black in color shout out to Obama!
Seen u doing shout outs on a different video. Funny as fuck!

Comment from : ZEP ZEP

The Artistic Boundaries Co.
Horseshoe high limit room!!!
Comment from : The Artistic Boundaries Co.

Andrew NoneYa
The last 100 they break.... Fuck them and their tip!!!
Comment from : Andrew NoneYa

Spades was my first Royal Flush at 4Jacks in Jackpot Nevada .
Comment from : RickieRickRack

I did my first vlog. Winning $15 on a scratch ticket lol.
Comment from : GambletoGamble

Maggie Satterfield
potty mouth !!!!!!!
Comment from : Maggie Satterfield

ChristopherA- RealOne
Comment from : ChristopherA- RealOne

Michael Laffredo
That’s sweet bro congrats but for all the money you waste at video poker that hardly makes a dent in your loses
Comment from : Michael Laffredo

Paul Garrett
That was cool watched your video just waiting for my turn
Comment from : Paul Garrett

Steve Anness
This was the video that led me to discover your channel. I have since seen most of your early videos but still have a ways to go. Really enjoy your content. I am a video poker guy but after watching your vlog I am tempted to try my hand at a cash game if I can find one. I would probably end up like Joey on the bus home but might be fun, or maybe I should stick to pressing buttons. You should plan a weekend in Shreveport, if you want to see some real degenerates.
Comment from : Steve Anness

Love the Aussie accent!!!
Comment from : Wingsuiter

make that song your phone ringer . nice pop
Comment from : the MAN with ABILITIES

Kaleo Keliikoa
Yeah You!
Comment from : Kaleo Keliikoa

Jesse Sandler
fuckin legend
Comment from : Jesse Sandler

T Square
Comment from : T Square

T Square
Nice royal!!!!!
Comment from : T Square

Jake M
Hes probably one of the best video poker players I've ever seen
Comment from : Jake M

Rhys Chen
Never had a Royal Flush b4 but if I had, this is how I would love to get it (with me Getting Paid in full)
Comment from : Rhys Chen

Desmond Castro
Royal Flu$h 💎's across ! Yeah, boooooooooyeeee !
Comment from : Desmond Castro

christopher yasus
Best "Yes" of all time
Evil but Good Evil

Comment from : christopher yasus

A h
Do yu tip the slot payout people ? I never recieved hand pay. Just wonderin if thats what is done?
Comment from : A h

Alex Mocek
Comment from : Alex Mocek

Tyler Zammuto
Why didnt you win 4000?
Comment from : Tyler Zammuto

Scott Larrabee
One of the only straight flushes I’ve hit in video poker I straight flopped that bitch didn’t even draw to it. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Comment from : Scott Larrabee

Tim Etter
I love this song. I’ve just been silent soaking it in. Lolololo
Comment from : Tim Etter

Like a true degen, with bags and all LOL nice!!
Comment from : KingCobra

Wai Lee
It's your lucky day !
Comment from : Wai Lee

William Pigg
Nice Hit Bro! Bmore isn't so bad after all is it lol!! Good for you.
Comment from : William Pigg

Kier Luke
Once worked as a croupier, card machine shuffled the cards. Boring table, really boring. "Progressive poker" up and down the country. One man won £152,000 on one deal of the game. Thing was, didn't like him and wished it was for the man to his right that got it.
Comment from : Kier Luke

Jack James
Your Aussie accent is atrocious 😂
Comment from : Jack James

Dylan Malerzha
I juz went to casino then put 100$ per round on 3card poker then got straight flush took 4000$out
Comment from : Dylan Malerzha

William Stokes
Comment from : William Stokes

David Barnet
No tip? You see them waiting for something. Spread the wealth and good fortune!
Comment from : David Barnet

Justin Root
U talk to much
Comment from : Justin Root

taufiq aziz
7:47 shit happen
Comment from : taufiq aziz

Bryan Kautz
So if "we" did it, where's my cut?!!! LOL 😂😂 seriously though, congrats
Comment from : Bryan Kautz

Chris Stone
Why use the R word? It's 3019... Just call yourself an idiot.
Comment from : Chris Stone

skatermaninred 51
why isnt this a 6000 dollar hit? 2000 x3?
Comment from : skatermaninred 51

Albert Wingert
Shut up and play
Comment from : Albert Wingert

Jenny smille
wow nice handspay
Comment from : Jenny smille

Comment from : W.M.A.T/REZ -YUP

Dennis Imondi
Nice win
Comment from : Dennis Imondi

by now you've done lost it all
Comment from : Tad&Lottie

Moe Snert
Nice strike. Best I've done is straight flush
Comment from : Moe Snert

Edward Drew
Did you forget to show the tip?
Comment from : Edward Drew

Nice win. But I really have to speak up about your commentary, you have a favourite suit of playing cards??? Really?????? And you don't mention your sports teams???????? Just about everyone wears a Yankee baseball cap, or some godawful NY related piece of attire.
Comment from : gggggggg

Nice hand pay!!! Congrats!!!!
Comment from : usoohot

At 0:40, wouldn't it have been better to go for the straight than for the flush? You'd get it if you got a 4 OR a 9, that's a chance of 8 in 47 or 17.02%, while to get a flush, you need 2 more hearts, and the odds of that are 10*9/(47*46) or 4.16%. Assuming the electronic deck is drawn from 1 deck without replacement within the hand. And indeed one of the cards you got was a 4. I don't know how it decides random numbers though, maybe it would have had a different card come up if you had done something different.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

Celestino Mastroianni
Cheap ass didn't even TIP the attendant...
Comment from : Celestino Mastroianni

Adnan lexus
That's sick
Comment from : Adnan lexus

Cliff Kunishima
Your a moron. You got lucky with the royal. Casinos love people like you.
Comment from : Cliff Kunishima

John Baer
Wouldn't you rather have the Meadowlands closer? Baltimore and Philly are towns that have it right: you can walk to all your sporing events.
Comment from : John Baer

james pitchforth
birthday suit for me
Comment from : james pitchforth

Eric Carrillo
Soun like a bird. Flying away.
Comment from : Eric Carrillo

Tim K
My favorite suit is French Onion.
Comment from : Tim K

Zionist Jewels
From a d gen standpoint baltimore is good because it has 2 casinos kind that are close harbor and live both really good poker casinos. Heart's and clubs my fave gotta play craps for the channel bud hop hardways and buy 8
Comment from : Zionist Jewels

Degenerate my ass
Comment from : onenickelmiracle

Mr. Buttons
Tipping is overrated for this. It’s not a table game and the guy did literally nothing. I wouldn’t have tipped.
Comment from : Mr. Buttons

Dam, he's a hottie
Comment from : mesa45

R. S.
If you lose the language, you channel would be great.

Always tip on a hand pay. In this case, $40.00 is good.

Find a couple of people who look down and hand them $20.00 with sincere "Pay it forward" attitude. This will provide them a (and you) a little joy, which will result in more winning in the future.

With the remaining $20.00, bless someone outside that looks desperate.

Always give. 100.00 in this case.

Nice win, man.

Comment from : R. S.

Your crazier than I am, and that's saying something if you saw my channel. But great hit, nothing like hitting a royal. Tip small but tip next time. I usually give $20 for a $2,000 or $50 for a $4,000. Reason being is, I like to be liked where I play, keeps employees from red lighting you, and it helps out the employees. Oh, one more thing, stop playing 7/5 DDB. Cheers!
Comment from : Superdan

Offgrid Whitetails
Ryan do you feel better payout on video poker vs slots ? I usually play $5-10 slots. Here lately it’s sucked. Never done good on video poker. Real poker yes. Maybe I’m just not betting high enough. What game are you playing here ?
Comment from : Offgrid Whitetails

lets face is guys joey is a fucking mush
Comment from : Crazyman1515

Greg Mitchell
why do they always give the $100 in 20s, u need to know if im gonna tip you it aint $20. If they give me all hundos ill give a handsome tip
Comment from : Greg Mitchell

Eric Hughes
50 cent machine.......LOL!!!!
Comment from : Eric Hughes

Mo Chubby's Music
I've probably had as many as ten hand pays on slot machines in my twenty plus years of being a degenerate gambler. But to this day, I've never ever had a royal flush of any kind on a video poker machine. I think if I ever get one, my reaction will be similar to yours but a lot louder.
Comment from : Mo Chubby's Music

eBay Alien
LOL the guy gave you the last 100 is 20s because he was expecting a tip... LOL
Comment from : eBay Alien

Bob Johnson
It ceases to amaze me they never want to count the money that was actually put into the machine.
He won 2,000.00 but I'll bet he didn't leave right away either, he is still there and will probably lose
half of that or all of it.

Comment from : Bob Johnson

Steve Apken
I played one and got a royal on the deal! Five dollars max bet payed me 4000 bucks!
Comment from : Steve Apken

Joel Turner
Bro if I give you 100k can you double it???
Comment from : Joel Turner

Room Keeper
Great Royal Flush!!♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ Just started watching your channel a few weeks ago. Please tell me you tipped the slot attendant.
Comment from : Room Keeper

larry spizzirri
Aweso me. Congrats. I once discarded all 5 to get a straight flush.
Comment from : larry spizzirri

Wayde Brooks
Ryan DePaulo is my hero and should be yours. Last time I played I killed it bro. Hit 4 aces and the kicker twice.
Comment from : Wayde Brooks

ông Già
Let talk better
Comment from : ông Già

Why no tip?
Comment from : FanVikings28

Zack Johnson
Comment from : Zack Johnson

Vincent Espinosa
Congrats,but you need to tip
Comment from : Vincent Espinosa

Lenny Welch
Do you even look at the pay tables of the machines you are playing? That was a 7-5 dbl dbl bonus machine dude which is HORRENDOUS!!! And you claim to be a video poker player, what a joke
Comment from : Lenny Welch

Greg Moran
7/5......no way
Comment from : Greg Moran

Bob Hasbrouck
Congrats on the RF... I've never hit one.  The bride hit two RF's only 26 minutes apart.  Pissed me off (not really).  Congrats!
Comment from : Bob Hasbrouck

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