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Frank Kovich
Do practice video poker games the same as the games used in casinos or are the play and odds different?
Comment from : Frank Kovich

Eric Drews
At least you’re getting a lot of play time for your money.
Comment from : Eric Drews

first mistake - you didn't play highest betting/payment level...
Comment from : mmn056

LJ Marzula
When your so broke you resort to watching others gamble..
Comment from : LJ Marzula

raymond cancel
what wed site are you playing video poker?
Comment from : raymond cancel

Patricia St. Claire
Where can i get the strategy card for deuces wild? I found Jack's or better on line, but can't find this one.
Comment from : Patricia St. Claire

I'm thinking seriously about making a visit to Vegas with the sole intent of making money gambling and want to ask you a quick question.

I don't want to put you on the spot, but may I ask what you make of all the people(particularly those who comment on YT videos) who say things like they win every time they play, or almost every time, thousands of dollars a week, every week of the year, and never put more than like $200 in the machine?

I find it hard to believe, but yet they are saying it. I question it but wonder why they would lie about it, what do they have to gain? My doctor even told me once that he hits a Royal Flush every time he goes to Vegas; how is that possible?

I've bought the books and software to learn how to play the optimal strategy and know the chance of getting a Royal Flush in JoB is about 1 in 40,000 on average(if one plays the optimal strategy) so even if someone plays 800 hands an hour, it would take 50 hours just to have a decent, fair/average chance of hitting the Royal, but because of variance it could easily go through two or three cycles without hitting.

When I hear/read stories from people talking about how they win all the time it makes me wonder if they know something I don't and if I'm doing something wrong. I mean, I simply play the game by the book, as closely as I can to perfect like a computer would(I can tell you when to break a high pair, extremely rarely, and when to hold 4 to an inside straight, again, extremely rarely in JoB) but yet I still lose a lot; how can they possibly win as much as they do, or as much as they claim to?

Do such stories ever phase you, or do you just dismiss them all as BS?

Comment from : mydogskips2

Brian Gray
not sure if it matters but if you throw the whole hand away isn't better to keep a 10 if you have one, 1 to the royal? or 3 to the flush? and I know you bet four only for the 30 dollar challenge, I wonder what the money difference would have been if it were a 5 bet? Figure that out and get back to me lol (just kidding) thanks for the vid. It's funny how those flush draws miss so many times. In our head we think they should show up more but they are always only a 25% chance every time.
Comment from : Brian Gray

Bunk Man
16:28 You threw away a shot at a straight. The 9 showed up on the next deal.
Comment from : Bunk Man

Bunk Man
3:47 If there is a single Jack showing with also a pair of 5's, wouldn't it be smarter to hold the Jack and trash the 5's? This would give you 4 chances to get another Jack as opposed to 3 chances to get another 5?
Comment from : Bunk Man

I am love
Is this for fun or can you make $?
Comment from : I am love

Dave Gelormino
Thx- I thought of it after I posted - must be the straight.Enjoy your videos!
Comment from : Dave Gelormino

Dave Gelormino
New to game.If you have Ace and 2 face cards unsuited why do you not include the Ace in your 2 cards?
Comment from : Dave Gelormino

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