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Ian Caldwell
Don't really think the chance at getting a slightly better multiplier on a full house is worth a $1.25 extra a spin.
Comment from : Ian Caldwell

Hope Fletcher Lopez
I really liked watching the poker... nice change up from the slots!
Comment from : Hope Fletcher Lopez

Evil Spock
Thanks for trying VP, so few play it on videos.
Comment from : Evil Spock

Tough game bro!!
Fun to watch - I’ve put a lot of ultimate out and haven’t connected on the big boy yet.....
Stay posted though.

Comment from : jkbigkat

Cassie Twitchell
Love it when you play this machine. Poker is my favorite. 💟 Good luck 💋
Comment from : Cassie Twitchell

Albert Dempsky
Stick the regular games because you don't know how to play poker
Comment from : Albert Dempsky

Marie Jung
Nice try....i wouldn't have lasted that long...😒...tomorrow 😄👍
Comment from : Marie Jung

Zack Barnett
Nice run on this slot, Jason Eeeeeeee, thanks for sharing! Hope your doing good today, love and hugs friend Smiles 😁 Bonnie
Comment from : Zack Barnett

Adam Carter
It's always refreshing to see a dose of reality, good for you for showing it and better luck next time, thumbs up.
Comment from : Adam Carter

Het-heru Khepra
E!!, Like when you play this game. 👍
Comment from : Het-heru Khepra

Cassanova Slots
I should try video poker next trip! You seem to do pretty well on it and it looks fun! Thanks Jason!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Atasha S
I like your pokers videos as much as I like your slots. Better luck next time
Comment from : Atasha S

Allison Davis
Sorry for the loss but was fun to watch thanks!
Comment from : Allison Davis

Jay Orazi
Love when u . Play this game Jason
Comment from : Jay Orazi

Dennis Daniels
Good Evening King Jason, I think you can win more money like last time, and make sure you don't spend it all at once and you have a great day!
Comment from : Dennis Daniels

Catherine Linder
Very nice video.
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Pat Roberts
Thank you Jason for the poker. For some reason I never can win on Ultimate poker. Great you got four of a kind and several spins. I pretty much only play in Reno and I haven't seen Wheel Poker any where (rats !!!) I know most folks want to see you play slots, so we video poker players are thrilled when you play poker.
Comment from : Pat Roberts

Linda S
Comment from : Linda S

aj jewell
Heading to my local casino right now to play some video poker. Wish me luck
Comment from : aj jewell

Jennifer Valdivia
Win or lose...I always enjoy your poker videos.
Comment from : Jennifer Valdivia

Get that Royal hand King Jason. Good Luck.
Comment from : Esmeralda

Marie Jackson
Good afternoon King Jason and good luck ❤
Comment from : Marie Jackson

joe blow
lost my arse playing this last night at thunder valley (again)
Comment from : joe blow

Michelle Akbar
Stuck in hospital but at least u tube and king jason helps
Comment from : Michelle Akbar

That "E" shirt is nice!
Comment from : Chrishon

Janis Gary
Always just keep the ace you don't need to keep a Jack to
Comment from : Janis Gary

Eric Ramsey
Thank you soooo much for the bonus video!! It really hit the spot. I hope your having an AMAZING time with your loved ones!!!
Comment from : Eric Ramsey

Peace Love
💕💕💕💕 thanks for the Poker but sorry no big wins 😩😩😩
Comment from : Peace Love

Sandy Goyer
Love this game we don't have wheel poker in Illinois.Plus I am learning how to play poker from you . Always enjoy your videos.
Comment from : Sandy Goyer

Wake Up and Love
🥰🥰 Thanks for the poker vid, KJ 🙏
Comment from : Wake Up and Love

Yesssss. Can wait to try some poker in Vegas. What's the best version to play for a beginner for .25 denom?
Comment from : richardvdl22

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